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Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

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Without legal counsel to protect you, you can be just about certain that your lender will recognize that you may not know all your rights, and it may take advantage of you. Ninety-eight percent of homeowners facing foreclosure are without adequate legal representation! Don't be one of them!

Make Sure You Are Among The Two Percent!

LENDERS MAKE MISTAKES, lots of them! And unless you have strong and determined legal counsel, you're not going to know what they are! A FORENSIC AUDIT and a supportive attorney will vigorously defend you and make sure your lender is acting in accordance with the law.

Did You Know?

Many times, the entity suing you for foreclosure has NO LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO! A number of our cases are dismissed at the outset because the wrong bank is suing the client. And they can't figure out how to get the right documents into the hands of the right bank. This works in your favor.

If You Have Legal Counsel, The Bank Has To Prove In Court That It Has The Right To Sue You

If you don't have legal counsel, the bank does not have to prove this. And while that might seem crazy, it's the law. Judges see this all the time: People lose their houses to banks that have no right to sue them in the first place!!!!! PROTECT YOURSELF!

If You Don't Have Legal Counsel, You May Be Out Of Your Home In As Little As Four Months

However, with adequate legal defense, you may be able to maintain ownership of your home for as long as it takes to negotiate the terms of your loan, even if a stubborn bank makes this take several years.

Harassing phone calls driving you crazy? We can help by writing a cease and desist letter on your behalf. Now, understand that according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the FDCPA), if the bank is the original lender, it has the right to call you if you're not making payments. Most banks, however, will stop calling after receiving a cease and desist letter. If your calls are from a collection agency, once it receives a cease and desist letter, it must stop calling you. And if it doesn't, you may be able to receive damages and attorneys fees in court!

Bombarded By Companies Wanting To Help? Get Informed And Become Aware!

There's the phone again! Another sympathetic voice promising a lifeline and an end to your foreclosure woes. And often the fee to rescue your home is only the equivalent of one or two mortgage payments. It's so tempting...

BUT BEWARE! BE VERY AWARE! Florida Statute 501.1377 prohibits anyone other than a lawyer from accepting an advance fee from you to give you foreclosure protection. If a company calls you and offers anything related to foreclosure rescue for a couple thousand dollars, it's illegal in Florida!!!!

Companies that are not based in Florida will often call to solicit you for money as well.
DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY! Remember that these companies:
• Don't have the legal right to slow down your foreclosure proceedings
• Don't have the ability to negotiate with a lawyer representing your bank
• Don't have any real ability to help you in Florida