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Foreclosure Archives

Miami foreclosure rate fell but is still above national average

The foreclosure rate in the Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall area had fallen to 8.72 percent in December.  While this is down significantly from the 14.38 percent rate we saw one year earlier, it is still much too high.  The national foreclosure rate is at 2.09 percent.  The foreclosure rate across Florida was listed at 6.67 percent in December as compared to the 10.27 percent rate in December 2013.

Cautionary tale: when promises to homeowners are illusory

In the so-called Great Recession of recent years that has afflicted -- and continues to adversely affect -- homeowners in Florida and throughout the country, predators have emerged en masse to take advantage of cash-strapped and often desperate homeowners.

Foreclosure rates decline, but remain high in greater Miami area

Many residents of the Miami area are still hurting from the recession. While the economy is in recovery, Miami and Florida as a whole still have quite a way to go. The foreclosure rate in Florida remains above the national average, and the foreclosure rate right in Miami is much above that average.