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Real Estate Disputes Archives

Real estate dispute persists over preservation of older homes

A battle is going on concerning the preservation of a mansion sitting on Miami Beach's Star Island.  The home was built in 1925 and designed by the first registered architect in Florida.  The mansion is now scheduled for demolition.

Possible real estate scheme leads to Florida taking legal action

One Boca Raton-based land trust company was named in a judgment involving hundreds of homes across Florida. The company acquired close to 100 homes in Palm Beach County and was said to have owned more than 250 properties statewide. However, the state shut the company down in September 2012 over what the Florida attorney general stated was a foreclosure-rescue scheme.

Florida real estate dispute goes back to eminent domain action

A proposed Florida development has been delayed by officials who say they need more time to look over project information.  The information contained in the proposal was delivered by an attorney and concerns a legal dispute, property ownership and storm-water drainage.

Class action involving bank loans may be resolved

One British based bank will apparently be required to pay $1.55 million to settle claims concerning alleged gouging of borrowers. Lloyds Banks was said to have offered a number of loans to individuals in a number of states including Florida. Though the money was apparently loaned subject to a principal cap along with a variable interest rate, Lloyds is accused of ignoring the cap and arbitrarily increasing interest rates as well.