7 Questions to Ask your Attorney

7 Questions to Ask before hiring any foreclosure defense attorney.

1) Success rate? Most attorneys are not willing to share their success rate or how they define success. We define success as the number of clients who achieve our agreed upon goal. We are extremely proud of our 99 % success rate. In the past 32 years we have helped over 3000 clients just like you. The average Foreclosure Defense Firm has roughly 20-50 evictions per/month. The Law Offices of Daryl Jones has had only 13 clients evicted since we opened our doors in 2008.

2) Experience? Does the attorney have significant experience helping others with the same problem you are facing? With over 30 combined years in the field there aren’t many Firm’s that can match our experience.

3) Reputation? Senator Jones is a Former Board Member of Great Florida Bank, a former U. S. Air Force Fighter Pilot and former Florida State Senator. These unique competitive advantages are unprecedented in Real Estate Law. Our relationships at the courthouse, with the banks, and with opposing law firms accompanied by our 99% success rate clearly shows how a good reputation can impact your case.

4) Process? You should clearly understand how any firm intends to help you reach your goal. Most foreclosure defense process and how any Firm plans to get from point A to Z. Senator Jones’ 30+ experience allows him to break down complex matter in a way for everyone to understand.

5) Communication? The most common complaint against lawyers is that you never hear from them. Our Firm prides itself on keeping our clients informed. You can expect a contact from our office at least every two weeks.

6) Expectations? You should ask your attorney what results s/he expects in your case. In foreclosure cases the primary goals are a) to sell your home, b) to work out a reduced mortgage payment, or c) to extend the foreclosure until you are eventually evicted. Make sure you are clear on which goal your attorney is pursuing. We will not allow any client to retain the Firm without a legitimate chance for our mutually agreed upon goal. Many attorneys’ will take your money knowing they ultimately have no real chance to help you.

7) Fees? You should ask any attorney what their fees are and how their fee structure gives you a chance at success. Many lawyers will charge you a flat fee or a low monthly rate, and simply file one or two documents to buy you a few months of time. The court will eventually evict you leaving you homeless and to fend for yourself. Through years of experience we know that model would never work well for our clients. During your initial consultation Senator Jones will outline our fee structure and demonstrate why and how it works.

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